The Group has a Corporate ESG Policy and in its activities address some of the most important ESG aspects of its clients/ off-takers/ partners. A1WG’s subsidiaries operate based on an Environmental Policy and have implemented an Environment Management System as part of their HSE Manual.
Our aim is to minimize the impact of our operations on the environment throughout our operations, including our subsidiaries and sub-contractors.

Our Engineering Teams design Water Systems and Clean Energy Systems considering the least possible environmental impact. All our Operations as well as our Suppliers and Sub-Contractors are to adhere to the following principles:

  • Prevent (prevent activities that are detrimental to the environment)
  • Reduce (reduce the number of activities that effect the environment)
  • Recycle (recycle waste where possible and appropriate Our Operations are certified as per ISO 14001. The Projects developed by the Group do support the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG 6 / SDG 7) of the United Nations and do have a Social Impact with regards to providing clean and affordable water and electricity to the people. A1WG has a Corporate Compliance Policy and is a good corporate citizen. The Group is committed to upholding the highest standards of ethics, accountability, and transparency in all interactions with our stakeholders.

The A1WG Code of Conduct guides all employees, directors, and representatives in conducting business in an ethical manner, and addresses conflicts of interest, fair business dealings, government relations, anti-corruption, and other governance matters.